The Political Reporter

The Political Reporter is a new media project that randomly composes statements with words found on political websites. Its statements provide a somewhat warped reflection on the news and current political discourse.

An automated process gathers over 100,000 words for the project’s lexicon. Some of these words are randomly selected to appear onscreen, with each word broken into its individual letters. Blue letters are used in words from liberal sources and red letters from conservative ones. Periodically, words are chosen to make a statement. After the statement disappears, its words are randomly replaced with others from the lexicon.

Since the word collection process is automated some statements may not make complete sense. The project’s editor is frequently updated, but it doesn’t catch everything.

Best viewed on a desktop or laptop computer with Chrome or Safari. Runs like a pig in Firefox.

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The parts of speech for words gathered from websites are automatically tagged by Pattern. The Political Reporter was orignally created in Processing and has been adapted for presentation on the web using p5.js.

The Political Reporter is an original artwork by Mark Nystrom and is continuously under development.

Since The Political Reporter’s statements are original and randomly generated, they should not be considered truthful or the views and opinions of the artist.